Letter from a Youngstown State Fan!

Paul: Please forgive me for this email message coming to you so late. It has been over two months since the Youngstown State University football team played Penn State in Happy Valley our football season has come to an end and we are now in the process of planning and preparing for next season. I want you to know that it was an absolutely wonderful experience to come to Happy Valley for all of us YSU fans and it was a day that we will not forget. Your tailgate party was wonderful and very very welcoming. We walked around the tailgate lots were greeted by many PSU fans and truly felt that we were welcome. That is a feeling that will not be forgotten. We were actually made to be a part of your PSU family and I truly thank you from my heart. I look forward to seeing you on more occasions in the future. And I must tell you that I have bragged about our wonderful experience at PSU to many people. Again, thank you for your hospitality and your thoughtfulness. Take care and best wishes. Please come visit us in Youngstown.


Dr. Cyndy Anderson
President, Youngstown State University

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**Please send your pictures from the tailgate to PSUBlueHair@aol.com**